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Rhinestone Sunglasses

Want to look unique, stylish and hot? Then rhinestone sunglasses are what you need. Rhinestone sunglasses are the perfect pair of eye-wear that you'd need to create a unique identity for yourself. The shine from rhinestone sunglasses will definitely make heads turn. Large plastic sunglasses are the most popular in rhinestone sunglass models. Wholesale sunglasses sales increased remarkably when rhinestone sunglasses are introduced by retailers in the market. You might think that rhinestones are very costly. You could not be more wrong. Brand inspired Rhinestone sunglasses are available at cheap and affordable rates. These replica glasses are in every way similar to the original ones and so if you cannot afford the branded ones you can flaunt in style wearing replica sunglasses.

Rhinestone sunglasses have been very hot and popular among many people. We have seen a rise in the popularity due to the Hollywood stars wearing them. That's why rhinestone sunglasses are in style. Wearing them simply adds a new jewel to your personality and makes you stand out in the crowd. It is the shine of rhinestones which catches the eyes of many people and gathers a lot of attention. Technically speaking rhinestone sunglasses are designed in various shapes and sizes. Rhinestone sunglasses are made in plastic models and also wire styles.

Nowadays, they are very popular but the most popular style is the large plastic ones. They came into fashion this year and are bound to stay for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Just check out the stylish rhinestone sunglasses now from your closest vendor and add new spice to your personality. But before buying them the main question that pops up into the consumer's mind is how are these wholesale rhinestone sunglasses actually made? The plastic styles are usually hand drilled so that they provide an accurate size for the rhinestones and they can be easily fitted. This whole process is a lengthy one and it takes several hours on each pair as each pair needs to be handled properly and with utmost care. One scratch can ruin a rhinestones shape and look.

Wholesale sunglasses studded with rhinestone are made in a unique way. The plastic glasses are first hand drilled to the correct size of each rhinestone and then the stones are set in by hand. The entire process of drilling appropriate holes and placing stones in them will take many hours since it's completely hand-work. Although these wholesale replica glasses are cheap their cost could differ according to the number of stones embedded on them. Discount will be available if there are lesser numbers of stones. In replica of these sunglasses artificial stones are fitted. This reduces the cost and thus sold at discount rates. There are many new styles and colors that are coming up that are catching up among the youth of today. Rhinestone sunglasses are not only fashionable but can also provide protection from harmful UV rays. The glam that these glasses offer is seen in no other type of sunglasses. The sparkling stones on the sunglasses can make a women look stunning and gorgeous even if they are only replica of original stones. So why not buy a few pairs and live in style?

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Fashionable Styles of Designer Sunglasses

There are endless styles of sunglasses available, and there are no wrong choices. Choosing the right designer sunglasses wholesale is all about you and what you like. Other than buying a lens shape to fit your face structure, picking your sunglasses is all fun and games. These styles of sunglasses are the most popular right now.


Vintage and retro designs are becoming pretty stylish. The most common retro style at the moment are wayfarer sunglasses. Created the better part of a century ago, wayfarers have experienced popularity surges ever since. Available in an endless variety of colors from neon to flat black, they can fit a variety of styles and preferences.


For decades oversized sunglasses have been a way for celebrities to disguise their faces. They’ve also become the best way to mimic the mystery of those stars. Just be careful with oversized lenses if you have a small face. Sunglasses that are too oversized will make your head look tiny!


More popular with today’s celebrities, there are many ways that sunglasses can be flashy. Designer sunglasses prominently displaying their brand are a popular sign of quality. Tinted lenses, rhinestone embellishments, reflective lenses, and uniquely shaped frames are some other fashionable attention grabbers.


Sunglasses in the sporty style–like Xloop sunglasses –didn’t start as a style trend as much as a necessity. Sports sunglasses are more durable, closer fitting, and have specialty lens tinting for playing sports. Of course, due to their popularity with athletes, they’ve also experienced popularity with those who don’t necessarily play sports.


It’s important to remember that above all else, sunglasses are an essential tool in keeping your eyes healthy. While eye damage from the sun has little short term effects, the cumulative damage can be very harmful. There’s nothing wrong with choosing simple sunglasses for no reason other than they work. Depending on the activity you’ll be wearing them for, there are certain features you’ll want to look for.
As you shop for sunglasses, you’ll find that many sunglasses will fit into one of these categories. That’s not to say there isn’t much variety when it comes to sunglasses; there are just many different takes on these five styles.

Roger Glass is the President of new styles of Wholesale Sunglasses. You can view the website at


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